Krayt Fang

The party's ill-gotten YT-1300 Freighter

Current Cargo

Silhouette Speed Handling
4 3 -1
Armor Hull Trauma System Strain
3 22 15
N/A 0 0
Fore Port Starboard Aft
1 0 0 1

Dorsal & Ventral Medium Laser Cannon Turrets.

Firing Arc Damage Range Crit
All 6 Close 3
Crew Passengers Consumables Primary Hyperdrive Secondary Hyperdrive Sensor Range
Pilot,Co-Pilot/Engineer 6 2 Months Class 2 Class 12 Short

This used to be the craft of a Bounty Hunter Trex. He “donated” it to some fugitives trying to escape Mos Shuuta. Trex wasn’t known, by anyone at all, for his hygiene. He was particularly fond of raw meat, gamorrean opera, and not bathing for any reason. In turn, its maiden voyage with its new owners was a little unpleasant. Thankfully, a very good mechanic and cleaning crew were able to ply their trades on Ryloth and now it’s running, and smelling, like a respectable ship.

Krayt Fang

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